Mediterranean tradition, Asian passion.

The freshness of creating in the Mediterranean Sea

Mediterrasian is synonymous with innovation, creativity and above all, passion for the gastronomic combination of the best of two completely different continents, Mediterranean and Asian.

You can taste from the great typical of the Mediterranean coast as paellas, rice and fideuàs to tartar and sushi so famous in Asia. With a close, select product, guaranteeing the best quality in every fish and seafood we serve.

About the Restaurant

We are privileged

Close to the port and in harmony with the Mediterranean-Asian fusion, you will find our restaurant. Between the waves of the sea and the charm of Dénia Castle, Mediterrasian stands as a gastronomic lighthouse.

We have the privilege of working in a paradisiacal place where the intense blue of the sea embraces the golden sandy beaches. Denia, a jewel of the Costa Blanca, welcomes us with its Mediterranean charm and its historical legacy palpable in every corner. This city breathes life and authenticity.

The Restaurant

Our Charter

The magic of fusion, where Mediterranean culinary secrets meet the excitement of Asian cuisine, creating a world of unforgettable flavors.

The Charter




Our winery

Each bottle tells a story

The wine cellar is key in our restaurant, with more than 400 references of national and international wines. Because, for us, wine is both a passion and an essential part of gastronomy.

Thus, every glass and every dish on our table reflects our commitment to quality and authentic enjoyment of food and drink.

The Winery